9 Things to Ask Companies That Buy Houses

If you need to sell your house fast, you may be looking for an alternative to a traditional sale. You may not have enough time or resources to wait 60 to 90 days to find a buyer and close the sale. If so, a better solution may be to sell your house as-is to a company that buys houses.

However, you may be unfamiliar with how a home cash sale works. In a nutshell, the professional buyer looks at your house, assesses its value, and makes a fast cash offer. If you accept the offer, you choose the close date, sign the paperwork, and walk away with no strings attached. Chances are you will have some questions about this type of real estate transaction and the process works.

Below, we cover some of the most common questions from sellers. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Ernest Buys Homes. We buy houses as-is.

Question 1: Are you realtors?

This is one of the most common questions we get. The answer is no. We are not realtors. What’s the difference? A realtor takes on the responsibilities of marketing and selling your house. They negotiate with sellers and help you at closing. In exchange, they take a commission of the final sale price.

By contrast, companies that buy houses work directly with the buyer with no need for a realtor. You don’t have to list or market your house. Plus, you pay no realtor commissions.

Question 2: How much experience do you have buying houses in this area?

Like any other business, professional house buyers must establish credibility with a seller before they ask for their business. A reputable buyer has engaged in dozens of real estate transactions and can provide proof of a successful track record. They typically have a well-established network of partners that includes real estate agents, lenders, contractors, inspectors, and landlords, and other business owners in the area. Ideally, you want to find the most experienced and qualified buyer in your area.

Question 3: Are you local or national?

Yes, this question matters. While local companies may have lots of resources and a huge network, they lack the personal touch and the boots-on-the-ground expertise of your local real estate market. A local buyer will appreciate your market, your situation, and the challenges of selling your house fast in the Riverside area. Since they are local, they also have greater accountability and are likely to deal with you honestly.

Question 4: How much will it cost me to sell my house fast?

In most cases, homeowners pay nothing in a cash sale. It ultimately depends on what the buyer and seller agree to. For instance, you may pay a little in closing costs. However, most companies that buy houses pay 100% of the closing costs. In addition, you pay no realtor commissions, no fees, no repairs, and no hidden costs. The buyer typically assumes any applicable expenses.

Question 5: What if my house is in bad condition? Will I have to make any repairs or upgrades?

No. You sell your house as-is. That means that the buyer agrees to pay for your house as-is regardless of its current condition. You don’t even have to schedule a property inspection or appraisal. Furthermore, the buyer assumes any risk involved if the house is unsafe or outdated. You are not liable for any problems that arise after you sell the house.

Question 6: How quickly can I sell my house?

The purpose of a cash sale is to eliminate the steps that prolong the process so that you can sell your house fast and move on. While there are no guarantees, a company that buys houses can typically close a sale within seven to 21 days. That’s much faster than a traditional sale, which takes 60 to 90 days. You can sell your house when you want without delay.

Question 7: Does my current situation matter?

In extreme cases, there may be a legal precedent that keeps you from selling your house. However, in most cases, your situation should not prevent you from selling your house directly to a buyer. Companies can buy houses in situations such as a new job, military, divorce, probate, foreclosure, bankruptcy, damaged house, vacant house, or rental house.

Question 8: How much can I expect to get for my house?

Numerous variables determine how much the buyer is willing to offer for your property. They look at factors such as the age and condition of the house, your real estate market, the property’s current market value, the purpose of buying the house, or any circumstances that might affect the sale. The goal is to make an offer just under the home’s current market value without lowballing you.

Question 9: Can I sell my rental house if there are still tenants in it?

You can sell your house legally if there are still tenants in it, as long as the buyer agrees to assume responsibility for the tenants so that you are free to walk away. It doesn’t matter if you have bad tenants or are in the middle of an eviction dispute. You can simply sell the house with no strings attached and move on. The buyer assumes any legal responsibility from that point forward.

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