We Buy Damaged Houses As-Is

At Ernest Buys Homes, we buy damaged houses. We work with sellers in tough situations who cannot sell their property because it’s old or damaged. Below we look at the challenges of selling a damaged house and why we buy damaged houses in your area.

Selling a Damaged House Is a Huge Hassle

Whether your house is outdated or has recently been hit by a storm, you’ll need to invest in the property to sell it. With all the properties available today, competing in today’s aggressive real estate market with a damaged house is an uphill battle at best. You can try to sell your damaged house as-is. However, the property is likely to remain on the market indefinitely.

So, how do you sell your damaged house as-is without making the necessary repairs or upgrades to the property? The answer is to sell your damaged house for cash to a company that buys houses in your area. A cash home buyer can assess your property to determine its current market value and make a cash offer you can work with.

Why People Don’t Buy Houses in Poor Condition

There are several reasons people don’t buy damaged houses.

They Cost Too Much to Fix

If your house suffers from a cracked foundation, poor structural support, or a damaged roof, most buyers will not buy your house as-is because severe damage is expensive to fix. A buyer can spend thousands of dollars on restoring the house. They may have to take out a home improvement loan to make the house livable. For most people, the additional cost is not worth it.

You Never Know The Extent of the House Damage

If your house sustained damage from a natural disaster or fire, it could be difficult to determine the extent of the damage. Consequently, a house damaged by a storm or fire raises a red flag for buyers. A person doesn’t want to buy a house only to discover a major problem 12 months later. Not knowing what problems lie beneath the house often prevents a home sale.

The Competition Is Better

Why would a person want to buy a damaged house when they can buy a newer house in good condition? It’s a fair question. Fewer buyers today are looking for fixer-uppers. They would rather spend their time and money elsewhere than invest it in a worn-out house. If you are trying to sell your damaged house quickly, you will likely face much competition from better-quality houses.

How and Why We Buy Damaged Houses As-Is

Unlike most buyers in real estate, Ernest Buys Homes is willing to look at your damaged property and make an offer. We buy damaged houses as-is. We see them as a possible investment that creates a win-win situation for both the buyer and the seller.

How the Buyer Benefits from the Sale

It’s no secret why a cash home buyer is interested in buying a damaged house. The buyer can negotiate a lower price with the seller. The buyer may see the potential to restore the house and turn a profit. It may seem like the buyer is taking advantage of the seller in a bad situation. However, any buyer willing to make an offer on a damaged property will attempt to negotiate a lower price.

How the Seller Benefits from the Sale

Believe it or not, you, the seller, can benefit from a cash home sale if you have an old or damaged house. Sure, you may have to lower your price to sell the house. However, you can sell your damaged house as-is in a cash home sale. You don’t have to repair the house. Plus, you don’t pay closing costs or realtor commissions. You can walk away from the house with no strings attached.

Sell Your Damaged House As-Is to Ernest Buys Homes

At Ernest Buys Homes, we buy damaged houses as-is. Let us look at your property and make a fair cash offer. Call 865-292-2499 today to get a fast cash offer on your house. No repairs. No realtor commissions. No closing costs. Sell your house fast!

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