About us

About Our Company

Many of the sellers who come to Ernest Home Buyers need help selling their houses and getting out of their current situation. They are dealing with a new job, relocation, or a damaged house. Or, they may be trying to avoid foreclosure, bankruptcy, or a massive debt as a result of probate. Some sellers are landlords who want to get out of the rental business.

Why do they come to us? Because our team of buyers has decades of experience working with sellers. We bring a variety of experiences and skills to the table. Needless to say, our buyers understand the real estate industry from every angle.

Our Story

I have been involved in real estate investing since 2008. At the peak of the foreclosure market, I kept seeing neglected neighborhoods throughout my county. Having relationships with local realtors, I knew that people were still interested in buying but the options of homes that didn’t need repair were slim. 

I had the idea that it was time to start buying homes that needed repairs, fix them up and then sell them to buyers that wanted a home that was ready to move right into. immediately I saw the impact that we could have in neighborhoods.

I’m also a licensed contractor. The homes I buy are homes that will be worked on by our construction crew. I enjoy the opportunity to buy homes that need work and give the guaranteed work to our construction crews. It’s very satisfying knowing that our construction family will be able to provide for their family.

Our Values

We realize that you could work with any buyer to sell your house fast. However, there are several reasons why we believe that selling your house to Ernest Buys Homes provides the best experience possible. 

We Pay Full Cash Upfront

Many buyers are wholesalers and do not have the capital necessary to buy your house as-is outright. Many times, they have to secure funding to land a deal. This can present problems and delays that keep you from selling your house quickly. Our team is already pre-qualified to sell your house because we have cash on hand to buy your house right now.

We Understand the Real Value of Your House

Who is better equipped to assess houses – a buyer with little real estate experience or someone that has been building and developing properties for over twenty years? Our vast experience in the industry gives us real insights into the market – specifically, what your house is worth.

We Consistently Pay More Than the Other Guys

Some companies claim to pay more – we actually do. We have a proven track record of paying more for houses than the competition. We can pay more because we have the resources to pay more. If we like your house, we can make a fair cash offer based on the property’s current market value. You don’t have to worry about being lowballed by our buyers.

About Ernest

My name is Ernest and I’m married to my best friend of 24 years. Together we have the privilege to raise 3 amazing young men. Kelley and I are fortunate enough to homeschool our young men.  We are blessed to prepare them for faith, family, and business. Our kids are involved in our day-to-day business activities. We feel that it is vital for them to experience business first hand.

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